Synthetic Dimensions

Homer Simpson - Beer
lenticular 3D poster

This fully licensed poster has been converted from an officially approved piece of 2D artwork featuring Homer Simpson brandishing a brace of full beer glasses!

This design really shows off the Syndimation special effects including the bubbles throughout the picture and deep inside Homer's beer.

Don't be fooled by the competition. Other posters claiming to be 3D just look like pop-up books with a few flat layers giving an impression of depth. Our unique process results in a truly deep, 3D scene and allows us to incorporate amazing special effects.

This unique, deep 3D lenticular poster is 47cm x 67cm (18.5" x 126.5" approx).

If you have a pair of anaglyph glasses in red & blue, the false colour, anaglyph image to the right will give you a good idea of the depth of the final poster.

The actual poster is in full, vibrant colour.

Our amazing lenticular 3D posters need no glasses or special lighting to see and enjoy.

anaglyph - needs red/blue glasses

Alternatively, you can free-view this picture with eyes parallel.

To "free-view" a 3D picture, gaze at the image without focussing your eyes. Look in between the two white dots and "daydream". You should see the dots start to drift. When they converge and appear as one dot, slowly look down to the poster.
Coming Soon!

free view - see left for details